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Motorsport signage options and how we can assist

A full vehicle wrap of your racing car, truck, kart or dragsters not only showcases your brand but highlights the all important team sponsorship.

For sponsors, motorsport signage is a great way to promote their business and get their brands and logos in front of racing fans.

As we say at Custom Decals and Signs, to succeed on the race track, first you need to look the fastest.

There are a number of solutions for making your team stand out at the circuit and to give your sponsors important exposure.

Full vehicle wraps: The most common type of motorsport signage is full vehicle wraps. We're all familiar with V8 supercars and how easily they stand out in a race. Whether it's for an energy drink or a fuel company, the colours are bright and bold, and the racing numbers are clear. They stand out and numerous sponsorship logos can be incorporated into the design. Whether professional or amateur, most motorsport signage has a brand that needs to be highlighted and we can work to produce full vehicle wraps that can be personalised to your requirements. A full vehicle wrap uses a thin vinyl to cover the whole car or kart in motorsport signage. We can also apply day-glo window numbers fitted to CAMS specifications.

Transporter signage: One of the most common similarities with motorsport signage is matching the full vehicle wraps to other sections of the team such as signage on transport vehicles and trailers. While your full vehicle wraps showcase your team on the track, the motorsport signage can be branded across all team trucks, utes and trailers.

Toolbox signage: Keeping in style with the team and sponsorship branding across vehicles and transporters, you can also align your pit branding. Toolboxes can be covered in team and sponsorship signage to not only stand out from the crowd but show how seriously and professionally you take your racing.

Merchandise and sticker kits: Everyone loves some schwag and being able to hand out stickers on race days or to give away as part of promotional activities will soon get your team known around the track. It's an affordable way to get your team name, branding, sponsors and contact details such as social media or websites in front of potential new sponsors and fans. It's like a fancy business card.

Professionally installed motosport signage and full vehicle wraps are designed to last many years but we know with the wear and tear associated with racing and as sponsors change they are likely to be updated more often. So our internal creative design studio works with clients from concept through to production and installation.

Contact the team at Custom Decals and Signs today to have a chat about how we can help you succeed on the track. We service the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas and can be reached on (07) 3271 3874.

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