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When it's time to update your Business Signage

Business signage in Brisbane, vehicle wrap

Small business branding and company signage are vital to your success and ensuring they remain up to date and modern is critical.

Standing out from the crowd and being able to promote your business and professionalism are easy ways to attract customers but having dated and old signage can have the opposite effect.

Are you more likely to call a plumber driving a van with scrappy small business branding on a vehicle wrap or the modern looking design with clear branding and contact details?

As experts in business signage in Brisbane, we can give you some tips about when to update your small business branding and company signage that will not only improve your reputation but make you look modern by keeping up with the times.

Old or damaged: It seems obvious but damaged, faded or dated signs can have a very negative effect on your business. Whether it's a shop front, vehicle wrap or office, it says a lot to potential customers if you cannot be bothered to fix or replace weathered or damaged signage. Think about yourself as a potential customer to a restaurant. Would you even consider entering if it looked old and broken? What does that say about how they treat food preparation if they can't even keep small business branding modern?

Keep it simple: When designing business signage in Brisbane we see a lot of clutter with some clients wanting to put way too much information on their small business branding or a vehicle wrap. If you are driving a work vehicle for an office furniture company, there needs to be some assumed knowledge that you will sell chairs and desks and workstations. You don't need to itemise everything your business can do. Just focus on your vehicle wrap signage looking professional and supply contact details like a website and phone number. Think about your colour scheme, fonts, message. A medical centre would have very different small business branding to a nursery.

Upgrading: You may be seeking a complete overhaul of your brand. Maybe you just bought a business and want to highlight that it's under new management. Maybe you need to update your small business branding to change colour schemes, contact details or social media information. Do you want larger signage? Brighter colours? Has a similar store opened close to you and you want to attract attention? Maybe you want lighting incorporated into your signage?

When designing business signage in Brisbane it's important to focus on standing out from the crowd and telling your story. Everything from colours, fonts, sizes, style, voice says what your business does and how potential customers are attracted to your products or services.

So call Custom Decals and Signs today on (07) 3271 3874 and we can help you sell everything from hamburgers to hardware.

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