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Benefits of a printed banner mesh for your construction site

A printed banner mesh is the perfect way of advertising on construction sites, read this to find out why.


When it comes to cheap, useful and effective advertising on construction sites, there is nothing quite like printed banner mesh. The signage application is a commonly used tool for construction sites, as well as public events and new housing estates. The high-quality mesh material allows for effective high impact digital prints to be displayed on a robust, air-flowing advertisement construction banner. There are, however, a few names that the application goes by, so let’s get our bases covered by ensuring we are on the same level. Common terms include:

  • Building wrap

  • Scrim

  • Construction banner

  • Construction mesh

  • Fence wrap

  • Hoarding mesh wrap

  • Printed shade cloth

  • Printed sign mesh

What is a printed banner mesh used for?

Printed banner mesh signage is a highly useful tool that performs multiple functions all at the same time. It serves as a privacy screen – preventing the general public from viewing what is happening behind it. Which helps with public safety ensuring that no passers-by is distracted by the workshop activities behind it.

It also works to limit the amount of dust and debris that is emitted from the worksite. Many workplace safety authorities require that contractors control dust on site – a mesh construction banner is a cheap and effective way to do so.

The signage is also a perfect means of advertising on construction sites your company, brand and project that being completed behind it. The ability to print full colour graphics on the printed banner mesh allows you and your workplace is advertised as you work.

Does wind catch the mesh?

No, as long as you use the right product and take the right precautions. For high wind areas, such as exposed coastal sites, an open weave printed banner mesh is recommended. Using a standard mesh banner in a windy environment could cause your banner to act as a sail, increasing the likelihood of rips and tears. Wind slits can also be added to the banner to reduce wind impact. Otherwise, taking some necessary steps will ensure a standard printed banner mesh will have longevity. Such as, making sure your fence is securely installed and braced in order to provide an appropriate support base for the mesh construction banner.

The team at Custom Decals and Signs are one of the leading creative sign shops in Australia and are experienced in creating fantastic and eye-catchingprinted banner mesh for advertising on construction sites. Contact the team now on (07) 3271 3874 today to discuss how a construction bannercan benefit you and your business.

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