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How to make your business signage stand out

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Have you ever driven past a car parked outside a shop or seen a store front that has become so familiar you can remember what is written on it before you even drive or walk past?

The importance of brand

There is a reason so much time and effort is put into branding and business signage. You know which supermarket you are at based on the colours red or green. You know which soft drink is red and white before you read the can. You know which bank you are about to walk into just because you can see it is yellow and black. When deciding on the best business signage for your brand, you need to consider a lot of options. Are you mainly travelling? Do you have a store front? What are the competitors near you doing? What are the opportunities? Do you need illumination?

Stand out from the crowd

Don't be afraid to be bold. Business signage that stands out generates leads. It's a sales tool that should show who and what you are. Bold doesn't mean tacky, but your business signage should mean something. Your branding should stand for something. A doctor's surgery wouldn't have the same signage style and fonts as a tattoo parlour, for example. You need to stand out. Think about a food court in a shopping centre. What attracts you to decide what to have for lunch? Would you visit a store with no signs and a few fridges but had good looking food or one with professional business signage and a clear menu with prices? You want to know if you're buying a chicken sandwich or a curry.

Have a core message

You may have limited space on a car, truck, trailer or a window in a shop but you still need to have a core message for your business. Most business vehicles keep branding simple with bold colours, a logo or name and contact details for a business. If you're a plumber you don't need to itemise every detail of every skill you can offer. You're a plumber. There is some assumed knowledge about what a plumber does. Maybe you have a barber shop in a suburb. What do you see when you think of a barber shop? Red and white? Scissors? You cut hair and shave faces. People know that. Make your business signage and branding strong and stand out that you're a shop and you're open for business.

Custom Decals and Signs is passionate about creating a brilliant solution to your business signage needs. We have a team of people who understands design, production, marketing and branding.

You can take a look at recent business signage examples here and give us a call on (07) 3271 3874 to discuss all your needs.

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