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Why signs for businesses are important

Signs for businesses improve brand awareness and customer’s first impression, read this to find out more.

Why signs for businesses are important

Your business is more than its products, services, and logo. Your business is an entire experience and, so, how you promote your business will determine how consumers will interact with your products and services. Consequently, your brand’s customer experience needs to encircle everything, such as ads, sales promotions, social media, website, and signage. Essentially, business signage will always give your business a considerable advantage.

Brand awareness

Customers are more likely to enter and buy from a business they are familiar with – whether it be through signage, word-of-mouth or advertisements. Eye-catching signage shows off your business to people who, over time, may become customers and spread your brand through word of mouth.

Good first impression

Attractive signage is usually the first impression a customer will have in mind before entering your business. You can express your business’s culture, ethos, personality, and trustworthiness through the signage.


Aesthetically pleasing, well-designed and engaging signage encourages people to enter your business. Your signage also needs to be updated to adapt to the changing times and catch the eye of potentially changing customers’ tastes.

Provides a competitive advantage

Remember that your business is just one in an abundance of businesses. This is the challenge for any business. Signage can make the difference between customers choosing your business over your competitors. A creative and unique storefront sign can attract customers even from afar and draw them to your business.

Cost-effective marketing

Naturally, there is an initial outlay for signage. But once your signage is created and installed, there are very little further costs. Non-internet forms of marketing require regular maintenance and updating. If you consider the number of people your signage will reach compared to, say, a radio ad, then the level of exposure contrasted to the cost makes signage a worthwhile investment.

Constant exposure – 24/7

Signage is up all day and night, 365 days a year, in any kind of weather. Compare this to any other marketing promotion that only runs for a limited time.

The team at Custom Decals and Signs are one of the leading creative sign shops in Australia and are experienced in creating fantastic and eye-catching signage solutions for businesses. Contact the team now on (07) 3271 3874 today to discuss how signage can benefit you and your business.

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